10 Tips to Pick a Catchy Name for Your Business or Start-up


Starting a business is a lengthy process. From an idea to the promotion, it includes many important steps. Finding creative business names is one of them. The name defines your business. It creates a picture in the listener’s mind. So, it is extremely important to pick the right name for your business.

Here Are 10 Tips to Come Up With a Catchy and Perfect Business Name

  1. Make Sure it’s A Short Name: Short names are easy to remember. You can search the web; the most popular and leading brands have short names. Short names like Nike, Uber, Ola, and Apple are easy to recall.
  2. Easy To Spell: When you spell your business name, make sure it is easy to say. If your name is easy to spell, a customer can search it online without any spelling mistakes. Complicated words are often misspelled and are hard to find.
  3. Make Sure It Has Meaning:  Name your business must convey something meaningful to the customer. When they hear your business name, they should instantly get an idea of what is a business.
  4. Search for a Catchy Name: Look for something that can instantly grab the attention. Something exclusive can add magnetic effect to your brand image.
  5. Avoid Restriction: Don’t add any word that can limit the growth of your business. For example, if you are opening a restaurant. A specific target based name like ‘Chinese Hut’ is not a good idea. Later you can’t add another type of food in your menu.
  6. Take Feedback: Once you have a list of possible names in your hand, get feedback. You can discuss the names with your business partner or team. Your family members, reliable colleagues, and even friends might suggest a better name.
  7. Online Research: You can search the web for creative business names. Before you finalize a name, search for it on the internet. You might find a business with a similar name. Avoid over-used names to make you stand out of the crowd. Your business name should be unique.
  8. Search for Trademark: When you go through a list of probable names, search it on USPTO.gov. It will help you to know whether you can get a trademark for your business name or not.
  9. Check the Domain Name: Before you settle on a name for your business, check ‘.com’ domain name. You can check on GoDaddy.com or NetworkSolutions.com, whether the domain name is available or not. You can also use NameMesh, which is a brainstorming tool. It can suggest an exclusive domain name.
  10. Keep the Logo in Mind: Pictures are more memorable than words. Logos are symbols created with images and stylish text. It represents the visual image of the business. When you are sure with the name of your business, keeps the logo in mind. 

Apart from the above tips, you can also take expert help. They can suggest plenty of start-up names. Then you can choose a name that suits best for your business.

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